Restaurants, Cafe, and Bar 


At Prima Wongamat, we pay attention to every detail of your journey both inside and outside of our hotel. So that you can find your own ‘Palettes of Pattaya’. That’s why we offer you a three different places where you can dine, drink, and hangout with your love ones.

Pink Salmon

- Palette of Orange -

It’s a little bit of everything. Here we serve our lovely guests All-day breakfast, both local and international dishes, our signature dessert ‘Charcoal Lava Toast’, and a cocktail bar, where you can have a drink or two before heading to bed. Pink Salmon is perfect for a lazy day after a long swim at our salted pool. Good for couples, even better with the whole family.

Blue Tang

- Palette of Blue -

Al Pacino once said ‘Without coffee, something is missing’. We truly agree with the great actor, because we are coffee lovers too! Blue Tang is your oasis for Procaffeeinated people (the tendency not to start anything until you’ve had a cut of coffee). We offer you a various style of coffee, from Espresso to Cold Brew, and many more. If you visit Prima Wongamat, do not miss Blue Tang. It is located on the side of the PM Sand Building.

Yellow Submarine

- Palette of Yellow -

Located next to its sister cafe, Blue Tang, Yellow Submarine shines in her own way…in bright yellow! This is where you can enjoy homemade ice-cream, served in mini cones, and a variety of ice-creams and toppings you can pick. Perfect for a hot day by the pool with little ones. We promise you, they will love this place.